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Oct. 1: Breckinridge, Colorado

  • Scott Bogren will present at the TRB Rural and Intercity Bus Transit Conference providing an industry update to attendees.

Oct. 2-4: Breckenridge, Colo.

  • Amy Conrick and Alex King will lead a Design Thinking Training for Region 8 in conjunction with the 23rd National Conference on Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation.

Oct. 3-5: Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • Andrew Carpenter will participate in Mobiliti, a design sprint to uncover mobility solutions for regional employment.

Oct. 3-5: Sullivan County, N.H.

  • Charlie Rutkowski will participate in a meeting of the Sullivan County Regional Coordination Council

Oct. 9: COST State Conference in N.J.

  • Rex Knowlton will present at the COST state conference on policies and procedures
  • Presentation (PDF)

Oct. 15: Daytona, Fla.

  • Taylor McGinley will present a "Federal Update" at the Florida Public Transit Agency Annual Conference.

Oct. 17: Oklahoma State Driving Championships & Training Conference

  • Caryn Souza presents "Building a Sustainable Driver Workforce and Strategic Planning Becomes Strategic Management for Your Transit Organization."

Oct. 17: Oklahoma State Association

  • Rex Knowlton will present at the Oklahoma State Association meeting to present on funding challenges

Oct. 17: La Crosse, Wis.

  • Alex King will be attending the MN/WI Public Transportation Conference and presenting on transit funding and the FAST Act Reauthorization.

Oct. 17: Norman, Okla.

  • Scott Bogren will appear via video at a general session of the Oklahoma Transit Association providing a transit legislative and advocacy overview to participants.

Oct. 17-19: Bristol, Va.

  • Charlie Rutkowski will participate in a meeting to discuss documentation of the economic impact of extending Amtrak service to Bristol, Va.

Oct. 17-20: CTAA EXPO 2019 Site Visit & Fall Board Meeting in Palm Springs, Calif.

  • CTAA staff will begin their work in preparation for EXPO 2019 (May 19-21), while the CTAA Board of Directors holds its annual Fall Meeting.

October 22-25: Lowcountry, S.C.

  • Charlie Rutkowski will visit USDA Technical Assistance project recipients and assess new transit service in Walterboro, S.C.

Oct. 23: Kent Island, Md.

  • Chris Zeilinger will be moderating a session on transit fare payment technologies and policies at the Transit Association of Maryland's fall conference.

Oct. 24: Albany, N.Y.

  • Sheryl Gross-Glaser will be presenting for NCMM at the New York Public Transit Association conference.

Oct. 24: Transportation Association of Maryland

  • Caryn Souza presents "Recruiting and Building a Sustainable Workforce and Developing and Retaining a Sustainable Driver Workforce."

Oct. 24: Kent Island, Maryland

  • Scott Bogren will present a luncheon keynote at the Transportation Association of Maryland's annual conference.

Oct. 25-26: Oakridge, Ore.

  • Chris Zeilinger will be meeting and working with local officials in this rural municipality, as they explore how to improve their city's transportation options.

Oct. 28-31: Bend, Ore.

  • Chris Zeilinger will be participating in the Oregon Transit Association's fall conference.

Oct. 31-Nov. 1: New Orleans, La.

  • Rich Sampson is at the Louisiana Public Transit Association Conference

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