Sep. 4-8: Yurok Tribal Transit Technical Assistance, Klamath, Calif.

  • Chris Zeilinger will meet with tribal leaders as part of CTAA's ongoing USDA Tribal Technical Assistance project

Sep. 6-8 : Sustainable Resorts Development Conference, Hilton Head, S.C.

  • Charlie Rutkowski will be participating in this conference as part of work on CTAA's Beaufort, S.C., USDA Rural Technical Assistance project.

Sep. 11: Dakota Transit Association, Grand Forks, N.D.

Sep. 11-12 : National Transit Institute Board Meeting, New Brunswick, N.J.

  • Chris Zeilinger will participate in the NTI Board Meeting, representing CTAA.

Sep. 13: Tri-State Transit Association (Maine-Vermont, N.H.), Freeport, Maine

Sep. 19-22 : Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA), Mountain Village, Colo.

  • Amy Conrick will be participating in a Mediating Differences Between Coordination Partners session.

Sep. 20: Illinois Public Transportation Association, Springfield, Ill.

  • Charlie Dickson will participate in a panel discussion and provide a CTAA activities update.

Sep. 24-28 : National Tribal Transportation Conference, Tucson, Ariz.

  • Chris Zeilnger will be presenting a workshop on FTA's Transit Asset Management regulations.

Sep. 26-28 : Transportation Association of Maryland, Ocean City, Md.

  • Rex Knowlton will lead a training session on Building Funding Diversity. Scott Bogren will deliver a keynote presentation.

Sep. 26-27: National Transit Institute, Rural Transit Technology Course, Richmond, Va.

  • Andrew Carpenter will be participating in this course.

Sep. 26-27: Tupelo Transit Project, Tupelo, Miss.

  • Charlie Dickson will meet with Tupelo City Council Members to discuss CTAA's transit development project progress.

Sep. 27 : CTAA Member COAST (Portsmouth, N.H.) 35th Anniversary Celebration

  • Scott Bogren will deliver a keynote presentation.

Sep. 27: Community Transportation Forum, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Sheryl Gross-Glaser will be presenting on non-emergency medical transportation innovations and emerging smart transportation technologies.

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