EXPO 2018 in Pittsburgh, June 10-14

CTAA EXPO: The Future of Mobility

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Mobility Management Forum

At CTAA's 2018 EXPO, Tuesday, June 12, will be dedicated to mobility management professionals. During the day, mobility managers from across the country will have the opportunity to learn about advances in the mobility management field and in the work of the National Center for Mobility Management; avail of skills training sessions designed in response to needs identified by mobility managers; participate in small group work to shape the discussion of important topics, such as performance measures; and network to learn from their fellow mobility management practitioners. The cost for this day is $150. For more information on the various registration and price points, visit our Prices page.

Draft Agenda

Program will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Speaker: Carrie Porter Diamond, Member, Wisconsin Assn. of Mobility Managers

Current State of Mobility Management
Speaker: Amy Conrick, Co-Director, National Center for Mobility Management

Skills training session #1: How to Effectively Frame your Message on Behalf of the People you Serve
Speaker: Frameworks Institute

Small group work: Demonstrating the Value of Mobility Management Services

Skills training session #2: How to Implement Inclusive Planning (with "inclusive" meaning not only end users but also stakeholders who can be part of the solution)
Speakers: Michael Bernhardt, Director of Mobility Services, and Shane Moore, Mobility Manager, Rabbit Transit

Presentation: Choosing the Best Technology to Support Your Mobility Management Program
Speaker: Carol Schweiger, Tech4Transit

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