EXPO 2018 in Pittsburgh, June 10-14

CTAA EXPO: The Future of Mobility

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TransportationCamp will be an un-conference where attendees suggest and lead sessions and activities. Beware: This is not a regular camp. There is no lake, no bunk beds, no duffel bags, no bad food, and no bug juice. This is not a conventional conference either; no panels and no keynote speakers.

TransportationCamp brings together thinkers and doers in the fields of transportation, planning, and technology. TransportationCamp events are attended by participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, including engineering, planning, and technology, in private, public, and academic settings. Watch a video or read this blog post for a taste of the Camp experience that took place in D.C. (which was bigger and much less regional than other camps tend to be).

When and Where is TransportationCamp?

Details coming soon.

History of TransportationCamp

The first TransportationCamp was organized by OpenPlans in New York in March 2011, followed later that month by another event in San Francisco. Since then, TransportationCamps have been organized in cities across North America. In 2014, OpenPlans handed the baton to Mobility Lab, which works with local committees of transportation professionals to organize TransportationCamps across the country.

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