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An organization whose only transportation services are those provided by volunteer drivers and whose primary work is not included in a broader rural, small urban, tribal, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) or specialized transportation services that include paid drivers.

Transit providers primarily focused on serving older adults and people with disabilities - including volunteer-based operations - and for whom Section 5310 funding is the single largest source of federal transit investment should join CTAA in this category. CTAA has, from the start, advocated on behalf of the Section 5310 program serving older adults and people with disabilities. From inclusive planning, safety training and diversified capital equipment programs, no one serves the specialized transit industry like CTAA.

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Why You Should Join CTAA in the Volunteer Category

  • Discounts on our Community Transportation EXPO as well as our full menu of training programs
  • Networking opportunities through regular calls and sessions with other volunteer operators


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