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A current organizational CTAA member has access to provide a one-year trial membership that is sponsored and paid for by the main umbrella member organization at the cost of $250 for each of their affiliated organizations. Any current CTAA members are not allowed to be included for coverage in this category. Upon the completion of the one-year affiliate membership each of the affiliate members can choose to join as a full CTAA organizational member or the membership expires.

The Affiliate Membership provides access to discounts on:

  1. Products: Toyota Fleet program, fuel, tires, service centers, employee background checks and office supplies.
  2. Services: Certification and Training, such as PASS Driver certification.
  3. Professional development and networking at our annual EXPO conference.
  4. Access to Community Transportation magazine and FastMail.

Affiliate Members do not have access to:

  1. The Board of Director and Delegate election process whether running for a position or voting for a position.
  2. Members-Only area of the website

Latest CTAA Resources for Affiliate Members

Why You Should Join CTAA in the Affiliate Category

  • Discounts for valuable driver, management, safety, dispatching and maintenance training and certifications
  • Discounts to our annual EXPO conference
  • Discounts on valuable products and services including the Toyota Vehicle Fleet program, fuel, tires and service centers, employee background checks
  • Access to Community Transportation magazine and FastMail newsletter


  • Description: Current CTAA organizational member provides a one-year trial membership and pays for the membership for any non- CTAA member organizations who are affiliated with their organization.
  • Price: Affiliate organization dues are $250 for each of the sponsored organizations.
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  • Membership Benefits

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