Treasury Building on the day it openedThe Community Development Transportation Lending Services, Inc., CDTLS, is a not-for-profit lending institution organized and incorporated in the District of Columbia to provide financing in the transportation sector with an emphasis on "Green Lending" activities. For over 10 years, CDTLS has been certified as a financial and development institution by the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

How Does CDTLS Work?

CDTLS works by offering borrowers help to create sustainable and profitable business enterprises in the transportation field. Our efforts have included supporting the development of businesses that move people and move freight in a cost-effective way that stresses the use of environmentally sound technology. CDTLS makes this possible by being a source of capital and expertise in transportation.

A Source of Capital: CTDLS deploys public and private financing in support of business development in the transportation field. Knowing the relationship between low-cost financing and business success, CTDLS works to provide the lowest possible capital cost as part of its approach to financing. As a Certified Financial Institution, CDTLS has access to a unique range of specialized capital resources that support innovation and new approaches that leverage financing and ideas.

A Source of Expertise: Capital without expertise doesn't help. Besides its own skilled professionals CDTLS is linked with a collection of individuals and firms with business development experience across the transportation spectrum. Working with these partners CDTLS has the talent to help move innovative business solutions to the market place in ways that create successful outcomes.

Products Plus: Besides its traditional products CDTLS offers help in unique transportation efforts that aren't represented on the specific product list on this page. Inquiries and innovative ideas are always welcome.


Kevin Oliff
Community Development Transportation Lending Services
1341 G. Street, NW, 10th floor
Washington, D. C., 20005
Phone: 202-631-8627
Fax: 202-737-9197

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