Being a member of the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) brings you a number of clear benefits, including access to the full collection of CTAA products and services - each of which is either only available to members or is available at a discounted rate to members.

CTAA: An Industry Leader

By joining CTAA, you're adding your voice to thousands of others calling for increased federal, state and local level investment in community and public transportation. Our members have numerous opportunities to directly influence the Association's legislative, policy and regulatory positions and activities through regular webinars, calls and in-person meetings. From increasing bus capital investment to reducing burdensome regulations, expanding the transportation benefit in health care programs to launching innovative mobility options for older adults and people with disabilities, CTAA members are at the forefront of the community and public transportation field.

Our Products and Services

In addition to playing a significant role in the future of mobility in America, CTAA members can enjoy a number of valuable, cost-effective and targeted products and services that come along with membership.


  • Advocacy: CTAA strategically advocates on behalf of its members in Washington, D.C., and in many state capitols - as well as with the Federal Transit Administration, the Department of Health and Human Services and other federal agencies. CTAA members receive key analyses of legislation, appropriations and regulations first, before the public.
  • Communications: CTAA's two key communications vehicles - FastMail and Digital Community Transportation Magazine provide all the information on the community and public transportation industry and arrive first in members' email boxes.
  • Training: CTAA members get discounted access to all CTAA training and certification programs - including the annual Community Transportation EXPO. What's more, members help set the Association's training and certification class agenda with numerous opportunities to suggest and develop new courses and sessions. From sessions at the EXPO to on-line courses to classes offered at state and regional transit association meetings, CTAA's professional development program is raising the standard of excellence across the industry. Members set the training agenda, and then get discounted access to all classes.


  • Vehicles: CTAA members get exclusive access to a portfolio of vehicle discounts and financing options through this key program. Our exclusive fleet pricing discount with Toyota is available to CTAA members solely through the Capital Solutions product line. Capital Solutions bundles together many of the other membership products to bring a full suite of rolling stock, financial, training and other cost-saving benefits to members.
  • Enterprise Rideshare: Through an exclusive arrangement with Enterprise Rideshare - the nation's largest vanpool services provider - CTAA members receive hands-on technical assistance in developing new vanpool operations as well as adding to existing vanpooling services. Also, members receive complimentary rideshare software (ZimRide).
  • Insurance: Through an exclusive agreement, we have appointed Cobbs Allen as the endorsed broker for CTAA members. Cobbs Allen serves as a clearinghouse (PDF) for our members and can answer your insurance questions including auto, home, property/casualty, etc. for rural, urban, paratransit, demand response, and NEMT providers. Cobbs Allen's mission is to be always out front for their clients providing the passenger transportation industry the best in risk management solutions. They recognize "one size does not fit all" and offer value added services that along with commercial insurance coverage, ensures your risk management program will be the "Best in Class."
  • Gas Discounts: CTAA has partnered with FleetCards USA to provide several options including the ARCO Universal, BP Business Solutions, Fuelman Diesel and Comdata Universal to provide members with a discount program to purchase fuel from local retailers. This membership benefit is designed to help you reduce fuel management expenses, take better control of transactions, simplify tax-exempt billing and ensure accurate reporting to maximize efficiency.
  • Driver Background Checks: CTAA has partnered with IntelliCorp, a full-service provider of background checks and employment screening solutions. Accredited through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), IntelliCorp offers a special package of products at a discounted rate to all of our members that includes validated criminal database checks, unlimited single county searches, Social Security Number verification and government sanctions searches.

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