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Leadership, dedication and commitment are the legacy of the late former Association Board Member and Civil Rights leader Dr. Aaron Henry. This award honors those Americans who have applied leadership either directly or indirectly to the community and public transportation.

1998 Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Illinois
1999 Senator Tom Harkin, Iowa
2000 Connie Garber, Sanford, Maine
2001 Rep. Bennie Thompson, 2nd Congressional Distric, Mississippi
2002 Dr. Aaron E. Henry Community Health Services Center
2003 Jennifer L. Dorn, FTA
2004 Sen. Christopher Dodd, Connecticut
2005 Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, US DOT
2006 Charles Carr, Mississippi DOT
2007 Sen. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
2008 Dale J. Marsico, CCTM, Community Transportation Association of America, Washington, D.C.
2009 Dr. J.Y. Trice, Executive Director, Bolivar County Council on Aging, Cleveland, Miss.
2010 United States Congressman James Clyburn, 6th Congressional District, South Carolina
2011 CTAA Staff
2012 Rep. Russ Carnahan, Mo.
2013 Children's Health Fund
2014 Ann D. August, CCTM
2015 John Johnson, Mississippi Public Transit Association, Itta Bena, Mississippi
2017 Dan Dirks, CCTM, Detroit DOT, Detroit, Mich.

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