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Every year the Association honors one of community transportation field's originators with our Founder's Award. The winner may be anyone who has been involved with community and public transportation for the better part of the past three decades and who has taken a leadership role in moving Americans.

1999 Randy Isaacs, Dallas, Texas
2000 Larry Harman, Boston, Mass.
2001 Barbara Rasin Price, Annapolis, Md.
2002 Peter Schauer, Boonville, Mo.
2003 Jon Burhardt, Rockville, Md.
2004 Barbara Singleton, CTAA
2005 Dave Cyra, Mukwonago, Wisc.
2006 Betsy Kachmar, Fort Wayne, Ind.
2007 Ream Lazaro and Mike Noel
2008 Vaughn Whisker
2009 Van Chesnut, Advance Transit, Wilder, Vt.
2010 Linda Deavens, Paratransit, Inc., Sacramento, Calif.
2011 Roland Mross
2012 Ray Evans, Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency
2013 Patricia Weaver, University of Kansas Transportation Research Institute
2017 Karl Johanson

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