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Message from the Director

By Chris Zeilinger, Director, National Resource Center for Human Service Transportation Coordination

Recently our National Steering Committee, Ambassadors, and staff gathered for a meeting to discuss the NRC's progress and priorities. This discussion was guided by what I think of as the essential set of Coordination Principles. First, a few definitions are in order.

"Human Services" is our term of convenience for a diverse network of publicly supported medical, educational, workforce development and many social services. "Public Transportation" refers to the entire family of transportation programs and services that are funded, or are eligible to be funded, with federal transit assistance, which include a wide range of public agencies, private nonprofits and for-profit transportation providers. "Coordination" refers to all sorts of ways in which two or more entities agree to work together toward some common purpose.

Our first principle is that coordination with human services is essential to the effectiveness of public transportation.

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2012 Survey

There is a lot that we do at NRC to help support coordination between public transportation and human services across the country. We want to know how well we're helping you.

Secondly, coordination is a local phenomenon, aided and supported by state and federal policies, funding, programs and other resources. The effectiveness of state or federal coordination efforts is determined by what is observed and experienced in communities.

Third, the types of coordination we aim to support through the NRC are centered on relationships between public transportation -- as we broadly define it -- and its partners. To read more visit, Message from the NRC Director.


About Human Service Transportation Coordination

Coordination is the efficient and effective use of transportation resources for getting people to important destinations, such as jobs and medical appointments.

Coordination means working with transit providers, human service agencies, private institutions, businesses, volunteers and political leaders to broaden transportation options.

At the National Resource Center for Human Service Transportation Coordination (NRC), we help make these connections, providing states and communities with the support they need to improve and integrate both public transportation and human services.

Much of the information you need is available through this site, from our partners, or from one of our 10 United We Ride Coordination Ambassadors.

United We Ride Coordination Ambassadors


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