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Transportation is a key component to ensuring the independence of all members living in your community-whether they need a ride to a job, school or training, medical services, child care, or social events.

A transportation solutions coordinator-whether a single individual or a position shared among 2-3 individuals-based within your community can provide local human service, workforce development, and nonprofit organization staff with the information and training they need to help match individuals with the appropriate form of transportation. The coordinator works with staff from all disciplines, thus enhancing collaboration among all those invested in improving transportation options in the community.

What does a transportation solutions coordinator do?

  • Develops a community transportation resources database, building on existing databases, that includes information on 1) current public and private providers of transportation within their community and 2) resources that can help fund those services on an individual or community basis.
  • Uses the database to teach staff in human service agencies, workforce development agencies, and nonprofit organizations about the available transportation options, how their customers or clients can access and pay for them, how to develop an individualized transportation plan, and how to gather data on unmet needs.
  • Collects information gathered by direct service providers on unmet transportation needs within the community and voices those needs during the local transportation planning/coordination process.

Documents You Can Use

Below are three documents you can download and adapt to your needs.

Who should attend this training?

  • Current and future mobility managers, coordinators, and specialists
  • Supervisor-level staff within human service and workforce development agencies, medical services organizations, and education systems
  • Coordinator-level staff or volunteers within nonprofit community service organizations
  • Academic staff who wish to incorporate transportation solutions into their curriculum

What is included in the Transportation Solutions Coordinator training?

  • On-line module: Introduction to Community Transportation (prerequisite to in-person training)
  • In-person, 1.5-day class with the following modules:
    • Functions of a Transportation Solutions Coordinator
    • Identifying Transportation Services in Your Community
    • Programs that Help Individuals Access Transportation
    • Funding for Community Transportation Services and Individual Riders
    • Responding to the Transportation Needs of Specific Populations
    • Developing an Individualized Transportation Plan
    • Identifying and Giving Voice to Individual's Unmet Transportation Needs
    • Conducting a Training for Front-Line Staff with the Transportation Solutions Curriculum
  • An action planning session to determine next steps for implementing transportation solutions coordination in your community

Is there a certification process for a Transportation Solutions Coordinator?

Yes. The Community Transportation Association offers certification to those who successfully complete the following steps:

  • The on-line Introduction to Community Transportation training (1 hour)
  • The in-person Transportation Solutions Coordination training (12 hours)
  • Development of a Community Transportation Resources Database (40 hours or more, depending on the community)
  • Implementation of at least one successful training event for direct service providers within the community (4 hours + preparation time)
  • Successful completion of the evaluation component

What is the cost of the training?

  • $500 per participant in an open-enrollment setting
  • All inclusive CTAA member rate of $6,500 for state, local and community transit organizations sponsoring this training workshop
  • Class size: minimum 10, maximum 20 people
  • Participants cover their own cost to attend the training

When and where is the training provided?

  • Open enrollment classes are being offered at regional venues around the country. Contact the Community Transportation Association for the latest offerings
  • Closed enrollment classes may be requested by a local, regional, or state agency


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