CCTM Logo Certification is a process whereby an individual is evaluated in order to determine their mastery of a specific body of knowledge.

Professional certification provides personal satisfaction for attaining a recognized level of achievement within one's profession. It means commitment to the requirements of the job and participation in additional training to exemplify the dedication to do the best possible job in the community transportation field. Certification means success.

The objectives of CTAA's certification program are to:

  1. Raise the standards of the profession
  2. Reward individuals who have obtained expertise
  3. Increase chances for professional mobility
  4. Reduce uncertainties in staff selection
  5. Help assure organizational goal attainment
  6. Improve the provision of transit services
  7. Encourage self-improvement

The three requirements for certification are:

  • experience,
  • education and professional development, and
  • a passing score on a written examination.

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