CCTM Logo What are the experience requirements for certification?

In order to be considered for certification, an individual must currently be engaged in the provision of transit services at the managerial or supervisory level, or have been engaged in the provision of those services within the past five years. The duties of an individual seeking certification should include the planning and directing of most of the following:

  • Personnel functions
  • Operations
  • Grants writing
  • Finance
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Passenger safety
  • Procurement and contracting

Employment that qualifies an individual for certification includes:

  • Executive Director of an agency that has transportation as its primary purpose
  • General Manager of a public or specialized transit system
  • Manager of a private transit company
  • Transit manager, director, or coordinator within an agency whose primary purpose is not transit
  • Any other position that allows the individual seeking certification to perform all, or most, of the duties described above.

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