CCTM Logo An applicant for certification must document an on-going program of professional development by attending training sessions, seminars, and conferences. These sessions can be sponsored by state departments of transportation, state transit associations, national transit associations, or colleges and universities.

The training, seminars, or conferences must be in the following areas:

  • Human Resource Management: labor relations, volunteers, employee policy development, supervision techniques, training.
  • Financial Management: grant writing, proposal writing, financial statements, cash management, budgeting, risk management, fare policies, cost allocation techniques, protective controls, payroll procedures.
  • Operations Management: statistics, evaluations, scheduling, policies and procedures, crisis (incident) management, maintenance management, legal issues, knowledge of equipment.
  • Transit Development: funding sources, fund raising, marketing, public relations, historical background, transit terminology, capital development, contracting (selling) services.
  • Procurement and Contracting: services procurement, equipment, real property

Applicants with fewer than five years of experience must have completed at least 40 hours of training in four of the five areas listed above within the last 4 years.

Applicants with five years of experience or more may document the education/professional development requirement listed above, or they may documetn at least 20 hours of training, within the least four years, in three of the categories and submit a detailed description of experience in two additional categories to satisfy this requirement.

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