CCTM Logo All applicants must pass the certification examination. The exam consists of the following:

  1. Objective questions covering each of the five knowledge areas, and
  2. Five essays, one in each of the knowledge areas, that require analysis of problems faced by communtiy transportation professionals.

The exam is a three-hour, proctored test. Alternate formats of the exam will be available for persons with disabilities who provide notification prior to the appropriate deadline.

A passing score for the full examination consists of a passing score in each of the five knowledge areas.

When are examinations given and what is the application deadline? Examinations to become a Certified Community Transit Manager (CCTM) are offered each year at CTAA's Community Transit Expo. To qualify to take the test at EXPO, applicants must apply by the designated deadline. Additional examinations will be offered at regional sites as advertised, with application deadlines approximately one month prior to the examination date.

How do I apply to take the examination?

To take the examination you must submit by the appropriate deadline:

  • a completed application,
  • two letters of reference, and
  • the appropriate examination fees.

The CTAA National Certification Council will evaluate your application and notify you of your eligilibility to take the examination.

How will I know if I passed the exam?

There are five sections to the exam, each of which contains objective questions and an essay. Each section takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. In order to be certified as a CCTM, the applicant must receive a passing score in each of the five areas.

Members of CTAA's National Certification Council will score the examinations. Examinees will be notified within 90 days as to whether they have passed the exam.

Applicants who pass none or only some of the five sections will be required to re-take the sections they did not pass; re-takes must take place within 18 months of the date the original exam is taken. The examination fee covers one re-take per applicant. Each time the examination is given, it may contain different questions within the same five catagories.

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