What are the experience requirements for certification?

In order to be considered for certification, an individual must currently be engaged in a position of employment where he or she is substantially involved in a state's administration of a public or community transportation grant program. The individual must hold this position at the time of application, or must have held such a position with the five years preceeding the application for certification. This "substantial involvement" must include a decision-making role, accompanied by full accountability for results, in at least two of the six core knowledge areas for this certifcation (these knowledge areas are described below):

  • Human Resource Management: inculding the development of personnel policies, the application of federal employment laws (e.g., Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, COBRA, ERISA) to public and community transportation, employee motivation and supervision.
  • Financial Management: including budgeting, cash management, cost allocation, forecasting and fiscal analysis.
  • Operations Management: including transit service policies, safety planning, service design and delivery, customer service issues, crisis preparedness and performance monitoring.
  • Transit Development: including short-term transit planning considerations, building and sustaining transit constituencies, marketing, public and private funding sources.
  • Procurement and Contracting: including types of federally allowed procurements, procurement processes, contract monitoring, legal issues and safeguards, and transportation-specific aspects of procurements and contracts.
  • Transportation Grants Management: including types of state roles vis-a-vis grantees and subrecipients, grantee communication, intergrovernmental relations, reporting and reviews, legal requirements, and assuring effective performance.

Because states organize their offices and programs in many different ways, with different job titles and classifications, it is best to rely on the functional explanation of duties outlined above to determine if an applicant's position is appropriate for certification as a CTPA. However, some of the positions held by CTPA-eligible individuals include:

  • Public Transportation Program Director, Manager, Administrator, or Coordinator
  • Branch, Bureau, Division or Section Chief of a state office overseeing public transit plans or programs
  • State Transportation Planning Manager, Administrator or Coordinator
  • State Transit Grants Manager
  • State Transportation Specialist with substantial decision-making duties as described above
  • Any other position that allows the individual seeking certification to perform all, or most, of the duties described above.

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